The Darkroom was opened in November 2019 as part of the new Juice Studios situated in Humber Street, Hull. It aims to offer instruction in Printing and Film Photography and will also be available for hire. This is very much an exploratory venture and the running and organisation of The Darkroom will be influenced by the requirements of those interested in using it.

Please email with suggestions and questions.

Screenshot 2021-11-07 at 15.26.19

IMG_2511The Darkroom is managed by Mark Terry.
In a photographic career that began by learning darkroom skills in his father’s attic in the 1970s, Mark has worked as a photographer at the Ministry of Defence, in press photography, medical photography and has also worked in a self-employed capacity.
He worked as a lecturer at Lincoln University and Hull College from 1994 achieving an MA in Digital Imaging and Photography. The recent resurgence of interest in film photography and darkroom work led him to set up The Darkroom in the newly regenerated Humber street – the new cultural hub of Hull – as part of the new Juice Studios.

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