Film Photography and the Darkroom

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Traditional film photography and darkroom work is enjoying a resurgence of interest. This is your chance to try film photography and see what a darkroom is all about.

Course content is very flexible – and can be adjusted to suit any particular requirements/wishes. It may include going out with a film camera, processing your film and then working in the darkroom to produce prints from your negatives. If you already have negatives or an exposed film, then all your time can be spent in the darkroom producing prints. 

No experience is required – we can supply a camera (film to be provided by participant) if necessary as well as all darkroom materials.

Subjects covered can include the following:

  • The film camera – introduction to types and operation.
  • Photography with a film camera – explore the locality armed with a film camera
    (camera can be supplied – film to be provided by participant)
  • Processing a film – chemical mixing, health and safety
  • Working in a darkroom
  • Assessing your negatives
  • The enlarger – what it does and how to use it.
  • Making a contact print.
  • Paper grades – using multigrade filters.
  • Test strips
  • Producing an enlarged print
  • Advanced printing techniques

Maximum group size will normally be limited to 2 to allow comfortable working in the darkroom

Bring lunch (or visit one of the many Humber Street cafes and bars.) Kitchen facilities, including a microwave are available and tea and coffee are provided.

WHERE: The Darkroom, Juice Studios, Humber Street.
DURATION: 6 hours
COST: £75 per person
WHEN: tbc

Course dates are determined by demand and requirements – if no suitable date is listed here, or you would prefer another please email and this can be discussed.

Thank you for your interest!

PAYMENT: Film Photography and the Darkroom